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Why enlist yourself in the list of lawyers at IntraSource Directory?

The Directory at IntraSource offers you the dominant enhancement of generating revenue and relationships with peers and prospects via the internet – locally, nationally and internationally. Not only does our Directory profile build your network, but it also helps your profile in becoming an integral part of legal research with its connection to many associations that have chosen us to be a part of their websites. Furthermore, the email address link/s helps find you by potential clients and other visitors who can communicate directly with you instantly. All these help you boost your practice and revenue.

What are the advantages?

  • IntraSource helps you classify your practice.

  • IntraSource helps you find potential and a wide range of clients.

  • IntraSource is linked to hundreds of websites through its association, which means you get unparallel exposure to your company.

  • The signup price at IntraSource is extremely reasonable.

  • IntraSource is distinguished for being world-specific which means global residents and the worldwide market will be targeted to view your listing.

  • IntraSource helps you to be a part of and be associated with the most reliable website on the Internet.

  • IntraSource is well known to its readers and clients for our services.

  • IntraSource is listed at the top of all major search engines.

How much will it cost me?

a) Lawyers/Law Firms: To enlist your name in IntraSource-Lawyers Directory will cost a mere USD365 only. One year (365 days), that is $1 per day (Extremely affordable).

How to enlist? 

To enlist yourself or your firm simply follow the following procedure:


  1. Click on the listing options click here

  2. The listing form shall appear for filling up the details.

  3. You shall then be guided to our payment gateway.

  4. Once payment is approved your listing shall appear within 24hrs.

How to pay?

Scroll down this page to check out the various modes of payment we accept. If you wish to send bank drafts/cheques kindly email: 

How long will it take for my listing to appear?

We shall add your listing to our database within 24 hrs of receiving your payment.

What shall be the expiry date of my listing?

Your listing shall be in our database for a full 365 days. Your day starts from the day your listing is added to our database, we shall notify you on the day your listing is added and, a month before the date of expiring your listing.

Can I ask for a refund after my listings appear in the directory listing section?

No, your listing amount shall not be refunded under any circumstances once your listing appears in our database

Special Offer (Free)

When you join the IntraSource directory we will upgrade you to verified status in the IntraSource database. 

As a verified immigration/legal service provider you will be allowed to express your opinion on various immigration legal topics and we offer a Guaranteed One Article Submission per month in our Article Sections.

We also offer to list your website in our Search Directory. This will help you to get additional traffic to your website

Cannot find what I’m Looking For: Click Here to Contact us  

Online payment:

About Payment: ( – payment Gateway)

We Accept the Following Credit Cards / Debit Cards:

VISA, MasterCard, American Express We adopt stringent security measures to ensure that critically sensitive information, such as our customer’s personal information and their credit card details are protected. All our customers’ credit card Authorization is done using High-End Secure Payment Gateway. – VeriSign Security

Offline Payment:

For Payment by Cheque or Bank Draft, we request you to Click Here to submit the listing details, And Email: for the details of payment.

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