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There are plenty of Australian work visa available to choose from. The article contains a number of different types of Australian visas, go through the article and select the via that suits best to you. 

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Work Visas

  • Employer-Sponsored Workers

Subclass 457 – Business (Long Stay) visa – Standard Business Sponsorship

For people with recognized skills seeking to work in Australia after being sponsored by an Australian or overseas employer need a Australian visa to work there. A program for employers to sponsor approved skilled workers to work in Australia on a temporary visa. Employers can nominate several positions for different occupations under the same sponsorship application.

Professionals and Skilled Migrants

There is a range of visa options under the General Skilled Migration program for skilled workers who want to live in Australia and who do not have an employer sponsoring them. These include options for skilled people applying as independent migrants as well as those sponsored by a relative, or nominated by a State or Territory government.


Independent migrants have the least number of restrictions placed on them and this is the preferred option for eligible applicants who do not have an employer to sponsor them. Assess your eligibility for independent visas before you continue.


If you are sponsored by an eligible relative, please note that several obligations must be met by your sponsor.

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  • Business People

For business people to visit Australia for business purposes, for example, to attend a conference or training session, to conduct business with an Australia-based organization, to conduct business negotiations, or for an exploratory business visit.

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  • Specialist Entry Visa

A range of visas for people to participate in specific professional, cultural, or social activities in Australia.

Distinguished Talent visa (Offshore) (subclass 124)

Permanent access for people outside Australia, nominated for migration based on their internationally recognized record of exceptional achievement in a profession, the arts, sport, research, or academia.

Distinguished Talent visa (Onshore) (subclass 858)

Permanent access for people in Australia, nominated for migration based on their internationally recognized record of exceptional achievement in a profession, the arts, sport, research, or academia.

Domestic Worker (Diplomatic/Consular) Visa (Subclass 426)

A temporary visa for a domestic worker to be employed in the household of a diplomatic visa holder in Australia.

Domestic Worker (Executive) Visa (Subclass 427)

A temporary visa for a domestic worker to be employed in the household of certain senior executives in charge of an Australian office of an overseas organization.

Exchange Visa (Subclass 411)

For skilled people to broaden their work experience and skills. Reciprocal arrangements allow Australian residents similar opportunities overseas.

Entertainment Visa (Subclass 420)

For people to work in the Australian entertainment industry; in film, television, or live productions in either a performance or behind-the-scenes role, such as directors, producers, and other production personnel.

Foreign Government Agency Visa (Subclass 415)

For the entry of staff and other representatives of foreign governments and foreign government agencies who do not have official status in Australia.

Government Agreement Visa (Subclass 406)

For people seeking to enter Australia under a bilateral agreement between Australia and another country.

Media and Film Staff Visa (Subclass 423)

For television or film crew, including actors, production and support staff, and still photographers. Applicants must be involved in the production of documentary programs, or commercials, exclusively for use outside Australia.

Religious Worker Visa (Subclass 428)

For religious workers to directly service the religious objectives of an Australian organization. Applicants must be sponsored by a religious organization in Australia.

Special Program Visa (Subclass 416)

You may participate in an approved special program such as a community benefit, cultural enrichment, or youth exchange program if you have received an invitation. You may also participate in the Pacific Seasonal Worker Pilot Scheme.

Sports Visa (Subclass 421)

A temporary visa for professional sports people. Applicants to engage in competition and training with Australian residents to improve the quality of sport in Australia.

Visiting Academic Visa (Subclass 419)

For invited academics to visit Australia to observe or participate in research projects, without remuneration other than a contribution towards living expenses and travel costs.

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  • Doctors and Nurses

Australia has a shortage of doctors and nurses, particularly in regional areas.

General practitioners or specialists can apply for a visa to work in Australia if they have obtained their primary medical qualification in a country other than Australia or gained their medical qualifications in Australia and are not Australian permanent residents.

Nurses are currently in high demand in Australia with opportunities for permanent and temporary work available.

Working in Australia as a Doctor

Doctors can apply for either a temporary or permanent visa. For immigration purposes, doctors seeking permanent residency in Australia must hold full medical registration.

Working in Australia as a Nurse

Whether you have a high level of skills and experience or need to gain additional skills, there is a visa to suit you. There are excellent career opportunities with permanent and temporary work available in Australia. You can be in or outside Australia when you apply for a visa to work as a nurse.

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  • Regional Employment

The Australian Government is working closely with state, territory, and local governments, and regional authorities to provide regional migration programs that support regional development and help supply the skill needs of regional employers. These programs are designed to address the special circumstances of rural and regional Australia.

They are employer-friendly, and flexible, and include concessions for regional employers. The programs aim to attract young, skilled, English-speaking migrants to areas of Australia where they are most needed. Generally, skilled migrants are under 45 years of age, and have functional English, diploma-level qualifications or above, and relevant work experience.

  • Air and Sea Crew

Visas and entry requirements for all aircrew members.

Maritime Crew Visa

A new visa to replace the Special Purpose Visa from 1 July 2007.

Superyacht Crew Visa

Information for Superyacht crew members.

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  • Pacific Seasonal Worker

This scheme is part of the department’s Special Program and requires Approved Employers to invite people from eligible Pacific countries to participate as Pacific seasonal workers. The countries include Kiribati, Papua New Guinea, Tonga, and Vanuatu seeking to work in Australia under the Pacific Seasonal Worker Pilot Scheme (PSWPS).

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