Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA)
Learn about Canada’s immigration law, which came into effect on June 28, 2002.

Ministerial Instructions
The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act includes provisions that allow the Minister to issue special Instructions to immigration officers to enable the Government of Canada to best attain its immigration goals.

Citizenship Act and Regulations
See Canada’s latest Citizenship Act and Regulations.

Canadian Multiculturalism Act
An Act for the preservation and enhancement of multiculturalism in Canada.

Policy and legislation concerning multiculturalism
In 1971, Canada became the first country in the world to adopt a Multiculturalism Policy.

Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP) Policy
The IFHP provides limited, temporary, taxpayer-funded coverage of health-care benefits to protected persons, refugee claimants, and other specified groups who are not eligible for provincial or territorial health insurance.

Fact sheets on refugee issues
The Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration has been considering refugee issues. Fact sheets were submitted by CIC to the Standing Committee to address some of these issues.

Policy and program manuals
See CIC manuals and operational bulletins or read related questions and answers.

Read about the Canada-Quebec Accord and other federal/provincial agreements, as well as agreements between Citizenship and Immigration Canada and other governments.

Temporary Public Policy Concerning Tibetans Living in the State of Arunachal Pradesh in India.
Policy regarding displaced Tibetans living in the state of Arunachal Pradesh in India who have been matched with an approved sponsor in Canada.

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