Living on foreign soil away from home can be challenging and lonely sometimes. But it’s not always the case as there are government-run organizations to look after nationals living in foreign countries.

An embassy is an essential organization for people living in a foreign country. It is the headquarters of government officials who represent their home country and provide various services to their citizens abroad. Some of these services include issuing passports, assisting in emergencies, facilitating voting, and helping with legal matters. An embassy is considered home on foreign soil, which means it operates under the home country’s laws, not the host country’s. Therefore, an embassy can offer protection and support to its citizens in times of need. An embassy is a vital link between the home and host countries that benefits both sides


A country can have only one embassy. The consular is often referred to as a mini embassy. They are established across the nation in major cities. They look for minor diplomatic issues. Below is the list of these organizations alongside their locations.

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New Zealand representative overseas.

New Zealand Representatives Overseas is a term that refers to the official representatives of New Zealand in other countries. These representatives may include high commissioners, ambassadors, consuls, trade commissioners, or other diplomatic staff. They are responsible for maintaining and enhancing New Zealand’s relations with foreign governments and organizations. The most important job of these representatives is to provide consular services and assistance to New Zealand citizens abroad.

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