Canada grants record permanent residence. Yes, you read it right. Canada has given its immigrants across the world lacs of reasons to cheer as it granted more than 400000 permanent residencies to its immigrants setting a new world record. This decision from the Canadian government comes in recognition of the valuable contribution of the immigrants to the nation.
The exact number of people getting a permanent residency is 431,645 which is the largest number of people ever welcomed in the nation’s history. The nation broke its record of providing the largest number of residents to immigrants set in 2021. Before these two years, the last time Canada welcomed such a large number of immigrants was in 1913.

Why this rise?

Canada providing record permanent residence is not a surprise considering Canada has a history of welcoming newcomers and valuing diversity. The country believes that diversity and multiculturism is the key to creating a vibrant and elusive society. More than traditional reasons there are other reasons Canada is so keen to provide migrants with permanent residency. Canada is going through a declining birth rate the country needs a skilled workforce to maintain the nation’s economy and growth.
Permanent residency would create a sense of security among the immigrants mass motivating them to work harder and strengthening the nation’s economy. Also, this step would attract a more skilled workforce to the nation.

Why choose Canada?

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) received twice more applications than in 2021. The steep rise in the application has to do with the work culture Canada has to offer, its strong economy, high standard of living, and welcoming nature toward newcomers have kept Canada at the top of the priority list of skilled workforce planning to migrate to better opportunity providing countries.
Currently, immigration accounts for almost 100 percent of Canada’s labor force growth.

Roughly 75 percent of Canada’s population growth came from immigration, mostly in the economic category.

By 2036, immigrants will represent up to 30 percent of Canada’s population, compared with 20.7 percent in 2011.

During the 2021 census, nearly one in four people counted were or had been a landed immigrant or permanent resident in Canada, the largest proportion among G7 countries.
The Canadian government has made it clear that in the future they will welcome more migrant workers. The nation has a bright future for bright talents.


The extract of this great news is that Canada is committed to building a better future for all. The country values its migrant force and is willing hard to provide a better life for them. Overall moving to Canada is a great opportunity for skilled labor to get a better life.

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