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Australia Introduces Game-Changing Innovation Visa, Bids Farewell to Golden Visa Program

Innovation Visa

The Australian government has made a groundbreaking move to revamp its immigration system by unveiling the new Innovation Visa. This strategic initiative seeks to attract exceptionally talented individuals, effectively replacing the less effective investor migrant scheme. As Australia positions itself as a global innovation hub, this change reflects the government’s dedication to bringing in expertise that aligns with sectors of national importance.

A Strategic Overhaul for Growth:

Treasurer Jim Chalmers announced the introduction of the Innovation Visa as part of the annual budget, signifying a comprehensive reform of Australia’s migration policies. The motive behind this decision is twofold – to entice skilled workers and top talent that can drive national growth while concurrently regulating overall immigration numbers.

Goodbye, Golden Visa:

Previously, the Business Innovation and Investment visa program (BIIP), colloquially termed as the golden visa, facilitated a route to permanent residency through investment. However, now on its way out, it will be replaced by late 2024 with the more targeted Global Talent Visa program’s successor – The Innovation Visa.

Balancing Demand and Supply in Migration:

Amidst calls for curbing migration rates by the centre-left Labor government, there is an active effort to counterbalance the pressures due to a post-pandemic influx of students and other arrivals. These numbers have exacerbated challenges like inflated rental markets and heightened inflation rates.

New Measures for Sustainable Migration:

In response to these issues, greater scrutiny will be placed on student visas and a new ballot system will be introduced for work and holiday visa applicants from China, Vietnam, and India in the fy ending June 2025. Such reforms are predicted to significantly reduce net overseas immigration to 260,000 arrivals by 2024-25 from its peak of 528,000 in 2022-23.


With these comprehensive updates to its immigration system, Australia is fine-tuning its vision for future growth and prosperity. The shift towards an Innovation Visa epitomizes this future-forward approach by ensuring that immigration not only meets current economic demands but also serves as a catalyst for long-standing innovation and strategic sector enhancement.

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