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Australian Visa Health Requirements

Australian Visa Health Requirements

Australia has an excellent healthcare system. A big credit goes to its high immunization and proactive public health care. The visa applicants need to go through several health checkups to obtain an Australian visa. Australia has very strict health requirements.  Understanding the health requirements is very important to avoid any delay or visa rejection.

Why are the health requirements?

Australia, like any other country, is highly committed to the protection and care of its citizens. Australia has a plethora of opportunities and rightly so it attracts a wide number of migrants across the globe. It becomes very important for Australia to ensure that the people entering Australia are disease free or do not possess any threat to the Australian population.

Apart from protecting the Australian population from infectious diseases, the strict health requirements ensure that a visa applicants do not become a burden on the Australian healthcare system affecting the availability of Australian healthcare to Australian people.

What are  the health requirements?

The health requirements for an Australian visa includes various medical examination and health checks. The health checkups are done by a panel of healthcare professionals approved by the Australian government. The physician assesses the applicant’s overall health status, conducts a physical examination, takes the applicant’s medical history, and performs any necessary laboratory tests.

Migrants who intend to work with children or in healthcare or with elderly people will have to undergo additional health checkups.

Australia has different health requirements varying with age groups. Children, less than two years of age would need only a Routine medical examination. Children between the age of 2 and 11 would require additional tuberculosis tests alongside routine medical examinations.

Applicants from a higher-risk country will have to undergo a latent tuberculosis test. The same will apply to applicants applying on refugee or humanitarian grounds.

Applicants of age 11 to 15 will require a Routine medical examination and chest X-Ray. And all applicants above the age of 15 will need to undergo a Medical exam, chest X-Ray, and HIV test.

Hepatitis B and C tests for applicants who intend to work or study in any of the healthcare disciplines. You may also need to go through the latent tuberculosis test in some conditions.

Hepatitis B and C tests and syphilis tests for applicants applying for an onshore protection visa.


The reduce the chances of failure you should go through the guidelines provided by the Australian government.

Finally, it is important to be honest and transparent about your health status when completing your visa application. Concealing any relevant medical conditions or history could possibly result in rejection of your visa.

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