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Australia’s New ‘No Further Stay’ Visa Rule for International Students

No Further Stay
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In a decisive move to regulate international education and migration, Australia has announced stringent new visa regulations affecting students from abroad. These changes pivot around the introduction of a ‘No Further Stay’ condition, which could potentially increase the challenges faced by those who choose to pursue their studies down under.

The ‘No Further Stay’ Condition:

The ‘No Further Stay’ mandate is essentially a limitation placed on student visas. This stringent rule bars students from applying for further visas whilst in Australia, compelling them to return to their home countries upon completion or expiration of their study visas. This directive is aimed at ensuring students adhere to the intended purpose of their entry into the country and do not attempt to extend their stay through additional temporary visas.

The Impact on Work and Permanent Residency Aspirations:

This policy is particularly impactful for those students who harbor ambitions of working alongside their studies or seeking permanent residency. Under the new regulation, such aspirations would require them to leave Australia and apply for relevant visas from outside its borders, redesigning the pathway many students may have envisioned for their time in Australia.

Exceptions to the Rule:

Notwithstanding the rigidity of the ‘No Further Stay’ condition, certain circumstances are recognized where leniency is afforded. Exceptions include severe health issues preventing travel, tumultuous events in a student’s homeland such as war or severe natural disasters, academic disruptions through no fault of the student, or death/serious illness of close relatives. These provisions ensure that compassion and practicality are woven into the fabric of this new policy.

Anticipating Challenges and Strategic Planning:

For current and prospective international students, these developments underscore a need for meticulous planning and an acute understanding of Australia’s visa regulations. It is indispensable that students acquaint themselves with these rules to prevent future hurdles that could impede their educational journey or post-graduation plans.

Major Changes That Do Not Justify a Waiver Request

Marriage or Commencing a De Facto Partnership

Getting married or starting a de facto relationship, with a citizen or permanent resident may lead individuals to think it could impact their visa status. However getting married or starting a partnership is not considered a reason to ask for an exemption from the ‘No Stay’ condition on your visa.

Academic Difficulties

Facing challenges, such as failing a course is important for international students to understand does not qualify as a reason to request a waiver of the ‘No Further Stay’ rule. Students are required to meet the obligations of their visa of their academic performance.


Even though pregnancy is a life event it does not justify seeking an exemption from the ‘No Further Stay’ limitation. Those who become pregnant while holding a visa should plan ahead. Keep in mind that the conditions of their visa still apply.

Lack of Awareness

Claiming ignorance about visa conditions is not acceptable. Individuals who argue they were unaware of the ‘No Stay’ condition linked to their visa will not be able to use this as a reason, for obtaining an exemption.

The Employment Challenge for International Students

The implementation of the ‘No Stay’ provision has consequences on the capacity of international students to engage in part time work while pursuing their studies. This restriction can have an impact on student’s financial well-being and job prospects both during and after their journey. With limitations on changing visa statuses students could encounter challenges and insecurities concerning their career aspirations, in Australia.

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