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Canada Eases Caregiver Residency Requirements

Canada caregiver residency
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If you are a caregiver professional we have just the right news for you. Canada eases caregiver residency requirements. We are thrilled to share the exciting news that could change the life forever of many professionals seeking permanent residence in Canada.  Canada now offers caregiver residency with half the work experience that was previously required. The Canadian government has reduced the minimum required work experience to half to get permanent residency. The previous law requires a minimum of two years of work experience, which will now be one year.

“Caregivers are an important option for families in Canada and have played an instrumental role in the lives of many growing children, aging parents, and those who need additional specialized care,” says Immigration Minister Sean Fraser

In Canada, you can work as a home support worker, home child care provider, or a combination of both.
.The Canadian government launched caregivers for the betterment of Canadian families seeking skilled and professional help. Recently, the programs have gone through extensive review. The review aimed to make it more responsive to the needs of Canadian families and caregivers.

The reduced work experience is welcome news not for the caregivers but for employers also. The employers will have the leverage of a greater pool of skilled and professional workers. The caregiver will have more opportunities now.

How does it affect the application process?

Under the previous system. Those who had worked as home support workers had to have a minimum work experience of two years. The same was required for those who had worked as childcare providers. The requirement now comes down to one year only. The biggest positive is that those who have worked as a combination of home support workers and childcare providers had to have a minimum of four years of work experience. This also reduces to one year. Now workers with combined experience in both the above-mentioned fields need to have only one year of experience instead of four. How good is that?

The lower work experience requirement for the Caregiver programs will become effective on April 30, 2023, and will be retrospective for caregivers who have already applied.


candidates must meet the following requirements to be eligible to apply for permanent residence:                  a job offer;
CLB 5 language level, and;
one year of Canadian post-secondary education or its foreign equivalent.

How to apply.

The applicants must have a work permit. To get a work permit the applicants need to apply for permanent residency for themselves and their families. The application should be work specific so that the applicant gets work experience in the required field. Once the applicant gets two years of experience which now will become one year, they will be eligible to get a permanent residence under the caregiver scheme.


Canada has a history of welcoming newcomers and believing in diversity. This amendment would create a lot of doors for aspiring and ongoing caregivers. you can know more about moving to Canada here,


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