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Exploring Alternative Study Abroad Destinations for Indian Students

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This article explores study abroad destinations that are gaining popularity and may provide more viable opportunities for Indian students.

Amidst Canada’s Reduced Intake, Indian Students Turn to Other Options

Canada’s recent announcement of reducing the number of students accepted due, to the housing affordability crisis has prompted students who were planning to study in the country to consider other options.

Ireland: A Gateway to Europe

Ireland is emerging as a choice among students seeking to study abroad. It offers a world class education system and excellent post study work prospects making it an attractive option for those looking to access the market. The increasing demand for STEM courses and the strong research reputation of universities make this country worth considering.

South Korea: A Hub for Technology and Culture

South Korea is another destination for students, particularly Indian students interested in engineering and technology. With state-of-the-art research facilities and renowned universities South Korea provides an environment, for tech savvy learners. Additionally, the unique blend of culture and modernity fostered by the Hallyu wave (culture wave) offers a learning experience

Taiwan: An Education Powerhouse

Taiwan has been making strides in recent years as an education powerhouse attracting international students with its enticing combination of affordable tuition fees and high-quality institutions. In addition, Taiwan offers various scholarships targeting international students and presents promising work prospects upon graduation. The beautiful landscapes and rich cultural diversity also add to the charm of studying in this Asian country.

Diversifying Study Abroad Options

The growing difficulties presented by liked study locations such, as Canada underscore the importance of expanding options for international education. Nations like Ireland, South Korea and Taiwan alternatives, for Indian students who desire a worthwhile overseas education that aligns with their financial means and ambitions. As the global educational panorama progresses it becomes necessary for international students to adapt their choices accordingly and venture into possibilities.

The Rising Popularity of Ireland

Ireland is gaining popularity as a choice, for students who wish to study abroad. This is primarily due to its universities that rank among the 3% worldwide. The country’s emphasis on STEM and technology strong support system for students and affordable costs make Ireland an attractive option.

South Korea’s Ambitious 300K Project

South Korea has launched an initiative called the “300K Project ” with the goal of attracting 300,000 students by 2027. To achieve this the South Korean Ministry of Education will implement language testing measures and streamline permanent residency applications for eligible students. This will significantly reduce the waiting period from six years to three.

Taiwan’s Vision for Higher Education

Taiwan has set a vision for its education system aiming to recruit, over 320,000 students by 2030 while also striving to increase its graduation retention rate from 40% to 70%. Special fast-track courses in STEM fields are being introduced, including double bachelor programs, two-year bachelor degrees, as well as two-year master’s and doctoral programs.

Affordable Options in Malta, Hungary, and Italy

Mamta Shekhawat, founder of, suggests Malta, Hungary, and Italy for their affordability. Hungary provides a wide variety of programs at renowned universities with low tuition and living costs. Italy offers reasonable rental rates (£200-£300 per month) and annual tuition fees ranging between £900 and £4,000. Malta is quickly becoming a favourite destination with increasing popularity among Indian students.

Other Alluring Study Destinations

Germany continues to attract Indian students with its thriving academic environment and affordability. Spain is favoured for its fast visa processing time (30-60 days) and lower living costs while Dubai offers rich cultural experiences along with streamlined visa procedures (15-20 days). Singapore, known as Asia’s academic powerhouse, has seen a dramatic tenfold increase in Indian students in one year. France aims to host 30,000 Indian students by 2030, and New Zealand and Ireland are emerging as enticing alternatives. Malta’s booming popularity has led to a 103% increase in student numbers within just one year, according to Mayank Maheshwari, COO & Co-Founder of University Living.

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