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Gujarat University Students in Medical & Nursing Get Major Relief for Australian Exams and Work Permits

Gujarat University students
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Gujarat University students pursuing medical and nursing courses have been presented with a significant opportunity.

Dual Degree and Work Permit Opportunities for Successful Candidates

They no longer need to travel to Australia to take their practice license exams, as they can now do so within the university. This comes as great news for students aiming for a bright future abroad.

The Vibrant Gujarat Summit has paved the way for several benefits for students of these courses. During the summit, delegations from Rwanda and Australia visited Gujarat University, resulting in fruitful collaborations.

Affordable Australian Exams in Gujarat

Australian practice license exams for registered nurses and medical professionals come with their fair share of expenses, costing around 70 thousand to 80 thousand dollars (approximately 40 to 45 lakhs). This cost will be saved, as the University of Tasmania announced its plans to set up a center within Gujarat University. Through this collaboration, the practice license examination will be conducted at this new center.

Expanding Opportunities with Work Permits and Dual Degrees

In addition to providing these exams closer to home, successful candidates will also be offered work permits in Australia. Nursing students who pass the examination will receive their work permits even faster. Furthermore, selected courses will provide dual degrees, allowing students of Gujarat University-affiliated colleges to build an impressive educational profile.

New Center of Gujarat University on Foreign Soil

Gujarat University is also expanding its global presence. A delegation from Rwanda has proposed setting up a center of Gujarat University in their country. Like the partnership with Australia’s University of Tasmania, this moves promises both local and international opportunities for aspiring students.

Through these innovative partnerships, medical and nursing students from any corner of India studying at Gujarat University will experience considerable relief from the time and financial burdens of taking their practice exams abroad. With easier access to these exams, and opportunities such as dual degrees and work permits, their chances of establishing successful careers are significantly increased.

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