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Indo-Canadian Relations Strain: Visa Processing and Immigration Impacted

Recent tensions in Indo-Canadian relations have led to notable changes in visa processing and immigration between the two countries. Canadian Immigration Minister Marc Miller announced that visa processing times will inevitably be affected after Ottawa evacuated 41 diplomats following a diplomatic disagreement with New Delhi over the killing of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, a pro-Khalistani hardliner.

As a consequence, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) revealed that its staff in India is being reduced from 27 to just five. This significant reduction will undoubtedly result in slower visa processing for Indians seeking entry to Canada. Despite this change, the Canadian government reassures Indian citizens that it will continue to accept and process all temporary and permanent resident applications.

To mitigate the disruptions in the visa processing operations, IRCC is adjusting the workload of Visa Application Centres (VACs), which already process most of the applications from India; however, some work will have to be accomplished via email. It’s worth noting that 89% of India’s applications are already processed through the global network outside India.

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Although clients from India can expect delays in overall processing times and responses to their inquiries in the coming months, IRCC maintains its commitment towards welcoming Indian citizens into Canada. The statement reinforces Canada’s enduring connection with Indian citizens and its intentions to accept newcomers for various purposes – from visits, work, or study to permanent residency.

Miller acknowledged the contributions made by Indians in Canada and reassured that Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs) would continue to welcome students and new applications; however, processing times may be slower than usual.

India has significantly contributed to Canada’s multicultural fabric. In 2022 alone, over 118,000 Indians became permanent residents in Canada, accounting for 27% of over 437,000 new permanent residents. Furthermore, last year saw more than 226,000 Indian students join Canadian educational institutions, and approximately 60,000 Indians become Canadian citizens.

While the current political climate between India and Canada brings challenges to visa processing and immigration, it is clear that both countries will need to navigate these strained relations to ensure the continuation of the partnership that has proven fruitful for countless individuals from both nations.

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