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PNP Invitations to Open 2024 in Three Canadian Provinces

PNP Invitations
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Ontario, British Columbia and Manitoba have kicked off 2024 by launching the round of their Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) draws, where they have extended invitations, to candidates. The PNP Invitations is a system that allows provincial governments to evaluate and select economic immigration applicants who align with their labor market and economic needs. This process aims to foster integration within the province ultimately leading to higher rates of retaining newcomers.

Each province has its Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) which includes streams targeting candidates based on specific occupations or qualities. For instance Ontario recently expanded the eligibility criteria for its International Graduate stream now allowing applicants who have completed a one year program at a recognized institution, within the province.

According to Canada’s Immigration Levels Plan for 2024 2026 the country aims to welcome 110,000 residents through the PNP Invitations in 2024. Immigration is an effort between provincial governments, where Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) assigns nomination quotas to provinces each year based on factors, like population size, infrastructure, labor force demands and available settlement services.

PNP Invitations programs and streams are available in all Canadian provinces and territories, excluding Quebec and Nunavut. Quebec operates under an independent agreement with the federal government.

Provincial Immigration Results from January 1-12


This week there were two draws, for the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program. On January 9th, immigration authorities conducted two specific draws for individuals categorized under the Employer Job Offer; Foreign Worker Stream. In one of these draws they focused on selecting 821 candidates from healthcare and tech occupations who had minimum scores of 40 or above.

Simultaneously, another draw within that stream invited 630 skilled trades occupation candidates with minimum scores of 33 or higher.

In the draw, on January 11th a total of 2,552 candidates from the Express Entry Skilled Trades Stream were invited to proceed. These candidates had already submitted their applications through the federal Express Entry application pool. Needed to have a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score, between 350 and 424.

British Columbia’s Provincial Nominee Program Draws

British Columbia carried out a set of five draws on January 10 under its Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) extending invitations to, then 372 candidates across three streams. The main focus of this event was, on attracting Workers, International Graduates and Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Workers resulting in the invitation of 110 candidates. Skilled Workers and International Graduates were required to have a score of 120 points while Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Workers needed to achieve least 100 points.

The immigration authorities conducted four additional targeted draws for specific occupations within the Skilled Worker and International Graduate categories. Among these were:

  1. A draw for construction occupations, which invited 74 candidates with a minimum score of 75 points.
  2. A draw for childcare occupations that invited 113 candidates, requiring a minimum score of 60 points.
  3. A healthcare-focused draw that selected 75 candidates also needing a minimum score of 60 points.
  4. Lastly, a draw for veterinary care occupations extended invitations to an undisclosed number of candidates who scored at least 60 points.

Manitoba’s Provincial Nominee Program Draws

Manitoba followed suit on January 11 with four separate Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) draws that collectively invited 431 candidates across three different streams. Two of these draws focused on Skilled Workers in Manitoba:

  1. The first considered all eligible profiles, inviting 166 candidates with a minimum score requirement of 607 points.
  2. The draw focused on inviting workers in Manitoba with family members who have been living in the province for at least a year, and who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Consequently, an additional 168 candidates, all meeting the minimum score requirement of 607 points, received invitations.

Additionally, there were two other draws held as part of Manitoba’s Provincial Nominee Program:

  1. The International Education Stream saw 58 candidates invited.
  2. Finally, the Skilled Workers Overseas category draw invited 31 candidates, with the minimum score requirement set at 639 points.

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