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WTO Ministerial Meeting, trade talks between Canada and India will be revived.


As the World Trade Organization (WTO) convenes for its pivotal ministerial meeting this week, a possible diplomatic warming seems imminent between Canada and India after a period of frosty interactions. Recent developments suggest high-level engagements could soon resume, potentially rekindling stalled conversations on bilateral trade agreements.

The relations between Ottawa and New Delhi experienced tension following the demise of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, a known Khalistan proponent, which subsequently led to the halting of various bilateral accords and a six-month standstill in trade discussions without plans for resumption. However, a progressive shift appears on the horizon with reports indicating that both nations may seek to reinstate high-level dialogues.

In an interview before the four-day WTO ministerial gathering slated to commence in Abu Dhabi this Monday, Canadian International Trade Minister Mary Ng hinted at prospective meetings with her counterparts. Specifically, Ng referenced an impending interaction with India’s Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal.

Anticipated Renewal of Discussions Post Accusation-Controversy

Canada is laying the groundwork for a diplomatic outreach to India, attempting to heal trade relationships after recent contentions. Canadian ministers signal a path to reconciliation and re-open dialogues, showing optimism for potential negotiations at the upcoming World Trade Organization ministerial conference.

WTO as a Catalyst for Resuming Trade Agreements

This week’s World Trade Organization (WTO) ministerial meeting could prove pivotal for India-Canada relations. Prior agreements have been frozen amidst geopolitical tensions, but recent movements indicate an openness to re-engage, with the WTO setting the stage for high-level discussions.

Canada’s Proactive Approach Post Tensions

In light of strained ties following allegations by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Canadian officials have expressed readiness to confront existing issues. Pre-WTO discussions and visits by Canadian politicians to India may pave the way for resumed talks regarding the Early Progress Trade Agreement (EPTA) and other key trade initiatives.

Trudeau’s Allegations and Impact on Bilateral Relations

The halt in trade negotiations coincided with serious accusations made by Prime Minister Trudeau against India. The aftermath saw a pause in conversations around EPTA, but the situation seems primed for a shift with Canada signalling commitment toward rebuilding trust and support for business between the two nations.

Persistent Efforts by Canadian Provinces to Strengthen Ties

Canadian trade representatives, including province presidents and ministers, have sustained efforts to fortify relations with India. Visits by prominent political figures serve as affirmative steps towards reigniting dialogue and are reflective of Canada’s dedication to nurturing economic partnerships.

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