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Australian Guardian Visa : New Financial Standards for International Students

Australian Guardian Visa

Australia has long been a preferred destination for international students seeking quality education. With the Australian Department of Home Affairs updating the financial requirements for student visa applicants, understanding these changes is crucial for those planning to study in Australia. The revisions, which align with the national minimum wage, aim to provide a framework that ensures students can afford a basic standard of living while they pursue their studies. This article delves into the key changes and implications for applicants of Student and Student Guardian visas, with a focus on the Australian Guardian Visa.

Increased Savings Requirements

Effective May 10, 2024, the financial threshold for international students and their guardians has seen a substantial increase. The revision requires students to demonstrate savings of at least AUD 29,710 as proof of their ability to sustain themselves financially in Australia. This is indicative of a series of adjustments by the Australian government, with this being the second increase within seven months—the previous requirement having been raised from AUD 21,041 to AUD 24,505.

Reflecting Living Standards

The increased financial capacity requirement corresponds to 75% of Australia’s national minimum wage. The rationale behind considering only a portion of the wage is the acknowledgment that international students are not occupied with studies all year round. During academic breaks, they may either choose to work without restrictions or return home, thereby reducing their living expenses within Australia.

Why Align with National Minimum Wage?

Aligning the savings requirement with the national minimum wage serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it ensures that international students have sufficient funds to support themselves without facing undue financial strain. Secondly, it mitigates the risk of visa breaches due to excessive work hours as students strive to meet their living costs. Lastly, it minimizes vulnerability to exploitation by providing a clear guideline on what constitutes an adequate level of financial preparedness.

Australian Guardian Visa: Ensuring Well-being for Young Learners

The Australian Guardian Visa is specifically designed for individuals intending to provide care and support to young international students below the age of 18 years—or those above 18 under special conditions. Given that guardians play a critical role in the well-being and support system for young learners abroad, this visa category is instrumental in actualizing study plans for underage international students.


With these new guidelines in place, prospective international students and guardians must reassess their financial plans before embarking on their Australian educational journey. It’s essential that they understand these recent requirements to ensure compliance and secure their visas without any hitches. As always, referring to will offer comprehensive information and updates pertaining to visa applications.

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