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LIA Funding Pool – Licenced Immigration Advisor Closure

LIA funding pool

The Government has announced the closure of the Licenced Immigration Advisor (LIA) funding pool, set for 28 June 2024. This bespoke solution was introduced to provide immigration advice to the community affected by the March 15 Mosque attacks.

Purpose and Achievements of LIA Funding Pool

The LIA funding pool played a crucial role in supporting family reunification for victims and their families under exceptional circumstances. From November 2019 to February 2024, it supported 101 applications for ministerial intervention, resulting in residency grants for 241 community members.

Transition to Standard Immigration Channels

With its original purpose now met, the LIA funding pool will be discontinued. Affected community members who still need immigration advice will have to use standard immigration channels. The Immigration New Zealand (INZ) website provides resources to help:

  • Choose a New Zealand visa and compare visa options
  • Prepare a visa application and check requirements
  • Apply either online or using a paper form

Removal of Transit Visa Requirement for Fijian Nationals

In another development, the Government is removing the transit visa requirement for Fijian nationals traveling through New Zealand.

Implementation and Interim Requirements

The upcoming change is set to be put into effect in the months. During this transition period individuals, from Fiji will still have to obtain a transit visa when passing through New Zealand. Once the exemption is established Fijian citizens can submit an application for a New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA).

Application Process for NZeTA

To transit through New Zealand without a visa individual from Fiji must complete an NZeTA application, which can be done online for NZD$23 or through the app for NZD$17. Requests are typically processed within 72 hours. The NZeTA remains valid for a duration of two years. It’s important to note that individuals intending to visit, study or work, in New Zealand will still need to apply for the visa.

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