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Australian Visa for Nurses and Teachers: A Guide

Australian Visa for Nurses and Teachers
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Australia is facing labor shortages across different professions.  It has now become easier for professionals to get an Australian Visa for Nurses and Teachers. The country has revised its visa applications and come up with a new application processing system. The new application system gives more weightage to the need of the profession in the country rather than just the profession enlisted under the earlier system. The government is keen to provide Australian visa for Nurses and Teachers at a rapid pace.

The government is working to minimize the workforce deficit of the country. With the lockdowns gone now, the country is on the course to attaining its rising economy. Under the new scheme among the profession prioritized are nursing and teaching. If you are a nurse or a teacher you can not afford to miss this article.
Australia has recently announced that skilled visas for nurses and teachers will be given priority.

Australia is facing a scarcity of healthcare professionals especially nurses and academic professionals. The country is expected to have 4000 vacant teacher positions by 2025. The nation is keen to resolve these issues.
The skilled visa application for professions like nursing and teaching will now be processed within three days.

Why choose Australia?

Australia has a prosperous profitable economy. The country is an attractive tourist destination and has become increasingly popular over the years. Australia offers higher pay than the US or UK. Although the living cost is higher in Australia. Australia is better than the above-mentioned counties as Australia has one of the best salaries in the world which will make you save more and make more average wage than other countries.

Australia has now scrapped the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL) which was used to rank skilled visa applications. This system was outdated and could not cope with the rising visa application causing further delays in processing.
Also, the PMSOL did not include teaching as a skilled profession, which is one of the country’s leading workforce shortage problems.

Which profession comes under the New System?

The new scheme focused on the demand of the profession. The following list will be under a rapid process application.

  • School teachers
  • Counselors and psychologists
  • Nursing support workers
  • Childcare workers and childcare center managers
  • Medical scientists
  • Social workers
  • Aged and disabled carers
  • Medical technicians



Australia offers a lot to its workforce. The high salary, a better standard of living. If you are willing to make a career abroad this might be just the right time. And Australia might be just the right place to meet your aspirations.

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