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Extended post-work visa for international students in Australia

Extended post-work visa for intl. students

Australia is a popular destination for tourism and studies. The kangaroo land offers excellent education alongside the famous majestic creature. Australia is home to many world-recognized universities offering excellent academia. The quality of education and diverse cultural society makes Australia one of the most sought destinations for higher studies. The country is offering an Extended post-work visa for intl. students

In a satisfactory move for international students seeking higher education at Australian universities, the nation has decided to add two more years to its post-work visa program. The existing clause says that the graduate International student can stay and work in Australia for two years post their graduation, which is now going to be four years.

What is a Temporary work visa?

The temporary work visa also known as Subclass 485 is a temporary visa awarded to students who completed higher education from an Australian university to live and work in Australia. The visa was granted for a period of 18 to 24 months which now will become 4 years. The temporary work visa is intended to retain International talents with the potential to boost Australia’s growth as a nation. The temporary work visa is of two types: Graduate work visa, for those pursuing an undergraduate degree and holding a student visa, and Post graduate work visa for those who have completed their graduation and are currently under post-graduation.

What changes now?

The temporary work visa will come into effect from July 2023. The amendment applies to 400 undergraduate programs, master’s programs, and Ph.D. programs. That means now students can stay longer than the previously allowed time frame. The two-year change applies to all higher qualifications

The undergrads will now be able to stay in Australia for four years instead of two.
The master’s students will now be able to stay for five years than previously allotted three years.
The Ph.D. students will now be able to stay for six years rather than four years.

Students must consider that these relaxations are for selected disciplines only.
The Australian government declared that only students of qualifying disciplines can apply for the post-work visa extension. These include
– Medicine
– Psychology
– Optometry
– Pharmacy
– Teaching
– Engineering
– Information and communication technology
– Agriculture
– Food technology

Limits to working hours for international students will also be reinstated in July. However, these will increase from 40 hours to 48 hours per fortnight.

Why the extension?

Covid spared none. Because of the border disclosure and strict border restrictions Australia is facing a labor shortage.

Universities Australia’s chief executive Catriona Jackson said that “the current skills crisis highlights the urgent need to retain more of these students, when and where there is a clear need for their skills, to complement our homegrown workforce and spur productivity and economic growth”.

“The decision to extend working rights for Ph.D. students, in particular, will provide a significant boost to the development of Australia’s knowledge economy,” she added.


Australian land is filled with opportunities. The decision is a significant move with mutual benefit to both the nation and students. The new amendment opens doors for students to attain valuable experience and potentially settle in Australia. With now flexibility in its visa policy Australia is going to be an even more attractive destination for international students.

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