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Australia’s Point-Based System for Skilled Migration

Australia's Point-Based System
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Australia is a popular destination for people looking to migrate and settle in a new country with better opportunities. Australia is popular because of its strong economy, the better quality of life, and multicultural society. Because of the quality that Australia has to offer, there has always been a high influx of applications seeking to migrate to Australia. Australia’s Point-Based System minimizes these challenges.

Australia’s Point-Based System was designed to control the flow of migrants and ensure the quality of applicants. Over the years this system has gone through several changes and has evolved into a very efficient system remaining transparent and producing high-quality output.

The Australian Permanent migration department remains extremely busy throughout the year. Australia grants around 190,000 permanent visas per year. Australia relies heavily on migrant talent so the majority of the visas are issued to skilled workers.

The Australian government issues several visa categories: Independent Skills Visas and Employer Sponsored visas. The former does not require a sponsor while the latter requires a sponsor for the applicant.

What is Point based system for Migration?

The Australian government uses a point-based system to evaluate skilled worker eligibility for migration. The system awards points based on factors such as age, education, work experience, and language proficiency. After meeting the minimum points cusp, applicants receive an invitation to apply for permanent residency.

You first need to lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI) through an online system called SkillSelect. The system will give a rank to you based on your personal information like age, education, and work experience. Exgrads points are credited to the applicants having English proficiency proof.

The interested candidate will need to nominate an occupation from the various occupations present on the skilled occupation list. The list contains jobs that are in demand in Australia. After completing these you can apply for a visa. The applicant will get the visa invitation based on the points scores on the test. A high score will boost your chances.

How does a point-based system work?

When you apply for the visa, your profile is examined and given points based on several factors. The applicants need to score the minimum points limit which is different for different states. The applicants need to score at least 65 to file an expression of interest. The following factors are considered for giving points by the concerned authorities.

  • Age
  • English proficiency
  • Employment experience
  • Educational qualifications
  • Community language qualifications
  • The skills of your partner
  • An applicant invited to apply for a visa by a state or territory government agency will get extra points.

The Australian point-based system is highly efficient. Many consider it one of the world’s best systems for screening migration applications. However, to increase their chances of success, applicants must prepare thoroughly before taking the test.

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