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Exploring Visa Options for Moving to New Zealand

Moving to New Zealand

New Zealand is a very popular country across the globe. It is known for its scenic landscape, hobbit houses, and jaw-dropping beauty.  The country synonymous with heaven has a lot more to offer to its residents than visuals which makes it a popular choice across the world populace. Moving to New Zealand is a great idea if you plan to settle in a new country.

The perks of Moving to New Zealand do not stop here, New Zealand has an excellent work-life balance. It ranks third in the world behind Vienna and Zurich in a survey conducted by a famous HR consultant firm. In this article we will be discussing about various visa that New Zealand offers to its migrants.

Skilled Migrant Category Visa.

This visa is for people who have the relevant skills and qualifications that New Zealand needs. These people’s experiences can contribute to the economy of the country.

This visa gives most of the rights of a citizen to the beholder such as the ability to enter and leave the country. The beholder can work for any New Zealand employer and can benefit from government schemes such as healthcare and education.

This visa is based on a point system. The applicant needs to file an Expression Of Interest (EOI). Once the application is submitted the applicant will receive points based on several factors like age, skilled employment, work experience, qualifications, etc. If you score 100 or above your EOI will be selected by the government, from here the government shall invite the applicants for visas based on the points scored by the applicant. A high score will have a greater chance of getting selected.

Work to Residence visa.

This visa is for individuals who are qualified in occupations that are in demand in New Zealand. Another option to get this visa is to have a job offer from an accredited New Zealand employer. Individuals showing excellence in sports and arts can also get this visa. This will get a temporary visa as a step forward to permanent residency.

Residence from Work visa.

This visa is for people who are already in New Zealand on a work-to-residence visa and want to apply for permanent residency. The individual needs to have at least two years of job experience to apply for this visa. Alongside work experience, English proficiency and certain health measurements are also required to be eligible for this visa. This visa can also be a pathway to citizenship.

Family Visa.

The Family visa is for individuals who is a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident and is willing to sponsor a family member for residency. To be eligible for this visa, you will need to have a genuine and stable relationship with the member you want to sponsor. They need to meet health and character requirements to get the visa.

New Zealand has other visas also to offer. Like the investment visas where one can get to live in New Zealand permanently by investing a certain amount in government acceptable investments.

Entrepreneurs can also get a residence visa with their valuable and unique business idea backed by the government.

Students can also have a chance to get a permanent residence in New Zealand via a student visa. Student visa is for individuals looking to study and settle in New Zealand. You need to study those courses that are accepted by New Zealand government. You also need to fulfill certain eligibility requirements. The student visa is a great opportunity for emerging talents to migrate to New Zealand and get world class education and settle in one of the world’s best countries.


Moving to New Zealand can be the best decision of your life. New Zealand has a plethora of opportunities to offer. New Zealand provides a lot of visas to attract migrant talent across the globe. The warm and hospitable environment backed by a stable economy and vibrant culture makes the country one of the best in the world.

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