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Canada Prepares for Evacuation of Citizens from Israel Amid Ongoing Conflict

Evacuation Plan Announced by Foreign Affairs Minister

Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly has announced plans to evacuate Canadian citizens from Tel Aviv, Israel due to the intensifying conflict between Israel and Hamas. The ongoing violence has resulted in an estimated 1,900 fatalities. Canadian military aircraft will carry out the evacuation, which will include citizens, their immediate families, and permanent residents from not only Israel but also the West Bank and Gaza.

Registering for Evacuation and Ongoing Support

Canadians in the region who wish to be evacuated should register with Global Affairs Canada by calling (+1) 613-996-8885 or emailing for information on evacuation procedures. Alternative arrangements are being considered for those unable to reach Tel Aviv’s airport. The Canadian Forces currently have around 90 personnel deployed in the area to aid in the evacuation effort.

Announcement of evacuation measures to provide assistance to Canadians who have to leave the region due to flight disruptions in conflict zones. Shockingly, at least two Canadians were murdered and two more were reported lost. The Canadian government’s quick activity demonstrates its commitment to securing the safety and well being of citizens around the world.

Global Affairs Canada has confirmed that one Canadian was harmed or slaughtered within the attack and three other Canadians are missing. Vancouver MP Taleeb Noormohamed confirmed the death of one representative, while GAC reported the death of a second person.

Canadian political leaders across party lines have shown solidarity with Israel at rallies held on Monday. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre both attended a support rally in Ottawa. Trudeau firmly condemned Hamas’ terrorist attacks and reaffirmed Canada’s support for Israel’s right to defend itself according to international law.

Trudeau expressed horror at a recent Hamas attack on an outdoor concert and reports of hostage-taking and assaults against civilians, with Hamas claiming they are holding approximately 130 Israeli captives. He demanded their release and adherence to international law.

Meanwhile, Canadian cities, like many others globally, saw rallies over the weekend calling for an independent Palestinian state.


In conclusion, the Government of Canada’s choice to evacuate its citizens from Israel and neighboring regions illustrates the government’s commitment to the significance of blessing the security and well-being of its citizens in times of struggle. Canada has committed discuss control, faculty and assets to this venture and is taking uncommon measures to supply help and back to civilians caught red-handed. In the mean time, Canadian lawmakers communicated solidarity with Israel and Palestine and emphasized the complexity of the current circumstance. As governments and citizens react to occasions around the world, Canada’s participation talks volumes around Canada’s commitment to peace, security and humankind, as well as to universal law.

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