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Australia Scraps Visa Tribunal System

australia scraps visa Tribunal
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Australia Scraps Visa Tribunal system. The Administrative Appeal Tribunal which reviews the decisions taken by the Australian government, especially by the ministry of home affairs, will be coming to an end later this year.

AAT was responsible for taking decisions from welfare payments to citizenship in Australia. It also dealt with the crucial appeals process related to decisions on refugee and migrant visas.

A new system will replace the old system. The government is planning to build a new system to overcome the shortcomings of the old tribunal system. The government is working on expanding the new system to make it more professional and neutral. 

What is AAT?

An administrative appeal system or AAT is an independent body stated in Australia which specializes in reviewing the decisions taken by the Australian government and agencies. It has the authority to review a wide range of decisions taken by the Australian government including those related to immigration, social security, taxation, and workplace relations. It came into existence in 1976. 

The reason behind the move.

 Australia Scraps Visa Tribunal in response to its inability to clear backlogs and its underperformance lately. The current government is of the view that the system is not accomplishing its supposed duty. The quality of its decision-making has plunged. Government officials say that the working of the whole system has deteriorated over time and the damage is irreversible. The better move to maintain Australia’s proud tradition of upholding the rule of law and providing access to justice is to replace the visa tribunal system with a fresh new system. 

The government has described the old system as a “disgraceful exhibition of cronyism”. Further stating that the new system would bring transparency to decision-making. He stated that the old matter in front of the visa tribunal will be unaffected.

What does the new body look like?

“Australians rightfully expect honesty, accountability, and integrity in government,” Attorney General Mark Dreyfus said.

The government is planning to build the new body after rigorous scrutiny to ensure transparency. The new body is en route to having merit-based and appropriately qualified appointments.

The members of the old tribunal need to apply again for their positions. The government is planning to expand the new body with 75 more professionals expected to join the new body.

The additions point toward the government’s commitment to reducing backlogs.

Mr. Dreyfus said a task force directed by former High Court judge Patrick Keane. It would consult on the design of the new body and its legislation by the end of 2023.

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