Canada to Settle Afghan Refugees

Canada to Settle Afghan Refugees

Canada to Settle Afghan Refugees. Canada has a history of welcoming newcomers. The country has a plethora of opportunities. The nation has made itself open to the world as it believes in the power of multicultural society. Canada has stood to its principles by deciding to Settle Afghan Refugees affected during the Afghan takeover by the Taliban with assistance to settle in Canada. The decision to provide settlement to afghans is an important step to demonstrate Canada’s commitment to humanitarian values and principles.

The government plans to run several programs to accommodate afghans on an early basis. The government plans to settle at least 40,000 Afghans in Canada. The Afghans will be able to enter Canada through the special programs listed below.

Special Immigration Measures Program for Afghans who assisted the Government of Canada.

This special immigration measure aims to settle 18000 Afghans in Canada. The applicant must fulfill some criteria to be eligible for the program.

  • One must be an afghan citizen.
  • The applicant must have had a significant relationship with the Canadian government. Like Afghan nationals who have worked as an interpreter with the Canadian armed forces or those who had or currently working at the embassy of Canada Afghanistan.
Humanitarian program for Afghan nationals in need of resettlement.

This program is again aimed to assist affected Afghan nationals. Both government-assisted refugees and privately sponsored refugees will get benefits under this program.

Permanent residence for the extended family of former Afghan interpreters.

This policy will welcome 5000 Afghan refugees. This policy will also open doors for permanent residency for extended family members of Afghan interpreters. The family members of the applicant must have moved to Canada under the 2009 and 2012 public policies. The family members of the applicant already in Canada are expected to help the applicant to settle in Canada. They will be required to assist you in the following

  • Open a bank account with Canadian financial institutions.
  • Pick you up from the airport
  • Help you to find a permanent housing
  • Find temporary housing for you before you land in Canada.
Special program to sponsor Afghan refugees without refugee status from the UNHCR or a foreign state.

Under this program, willing sponsors can sponsor Afghan refugees without submitting the refugee status determination (RSD) document. A group of five or community sponsors is eligible to sponsor Afghan refugees under this program.
This program aims to settle 3000 Afghan refugees.


In conclusion, Canada’s decision to settle Afghan refugees is a testament to its commitment to humanitarian values and principles. Canada has helped many afghan refugees to resettle in Canada and start a new life. Other countries should also follow Canada to help those affected. By working together, we can make a difference in the lives of those who have been impacted by conflict and violence.

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