Canada’s Economic Mobility Pathway

Economic Mobility Pathway

Canada’s Economic Mobility Pathway is a testament to its belief in a multicultural society. Canada is a leader when it comes to providing opportunities to migrants across the globe. The nation has always been working on several initiatives to help skilled migrant talents to build their career in Canada. The multicultural nation’s wings are not limited to migrants only, the stunning nation has always been very keen on welcoming and settling refugees across the globe. Canada currently tops the list of nations that assisted in refugee settlement and work in labor mobility. 

Recently the country has taken a new initiative to help refugees and other displaced people build their careers in Canada. One of the several such initiatives taken by the maple nation is Economic Mobility Pathway Pilot (EMPP).

What is EMPP?

The economic mobility pathway pilot is a program that aims to combine refugee resettlement with economic immigration. The program aims to settle refugees or displaced people with skills in Canada. The government believes that these people with their skills will be able to contribute to the rising Canadian economy. Canada is a country that has a significant migrant population. Migrant talents across the globe play a big role in running the country’s economy. With covid and border restrictions, the inflow of migrants had stopped creating employee shortages across several sectors. The shortage has hit not only the Canadian government and economy but many employers and their businesses. Under this program now employers will be able to access a new pool of talent and fill job openings. 

The government of Canada is expected to expand the EMPP by creating a new federal pathway. The new pathway will be active by this summer. 

The new federal pathway will allow employers to access a fresh talent pool to fill a wide range of in­-demand jobs, including nurse aides, personal support workers, long-term care aides, software engineers, web designers, mechanical and electrical engineers and technicians, teachers, tourism and hospitality workers, and truck and delivery service drivers. Through EMPP partner organizations would be able to help overseas refugees to connect to employers looking to fill labor shortages in their respective sectors. Once the refugee receives a job offer they will be able to apply to come to Canada using EMPP measures that remove barriers refugees may experience due to their displacement. 

The EMPP provides support such as waiving biometric and application fees. It also reduces the financial burden of medical services and exams the candidate has to go through before landing in Canada. Under EMPP the candidates will have the luxury to apply for loans to meet financial requirements. 


Without a doubt, Canada’s EMPP is a pioneer program that can deal with Canada’s labor shortage. It also opens the door of relief for people who have lost their homes. It allows the nation to help them on a humanitarian basis. The EMPP is an innovative approach that holds to Canada’s values.

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