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Australia Considers Fast-Track Visa for Foreign Talent

australia consider fast track visa for foreign talent
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Australia Considers Fast-Track Visa for Foreign Talent. Australia is looking to find solutions to tackle its labor shortage problem. For people looking to relocate and settle, Australia has been a popular choice. The country offers a high standard of living, excellent job opportunities, and a higher median wage than the UK and the US. The country is considering making efforts to make the move to Australia even easier than earlier. Australia Considers Fast-Track Visa for Foreign Talent to combat its labor shortage. The Australian government is considering introducing a fast-track visa for intra-company transfers.

The suggested visa scheme would allow companies to transfer foreign talent to Australia fast and efficiently surpassing the traditional old and lengthy visa process. The move is expected to have mutual benefits both for the Australian economy and the company investing in Australia.

What is intra-company transfer?

Under intra-company transfer, companies can transfer their employees to their overseas branches for a provisional period. This visa allows companies to shift their employees across international borders without going through traditional visa applications, which are lengthy and take time.

Current visa options for intra-company transfer.

Right now, if a company wants to send its staff to Australia it has to follow the traditional visa application process. Currently, the companies have to follow the same pathway open to all migrants to get a visa such as applying for a temporary skill shortage visa or a permanent skilled visa.

The Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) is keen on simplifying intra-company transfer. They are of the view that this move is synonymous with low-hanging fruit and it has the potential to solve Australia’s labor shortage.
The CEDA chief said that the US and UK already have a smooth system to facilitate easier intra-company transfer. It seems that Australia will follow the global giants pretty soon.

Australian companies including biotechnology multinational CSL and medical device company Cochlear have both supported easier intra-company transfers. They believe to share thorough expertise and improve skill sets between countries.

Locals get benefits too.

The CEDA believes that the commission of intra-company transfers will benefit the local Australian workforce. It will help them to get more skilled and qualified.
The global giant companies use advanced manufacturing and technology to produce premium products. There will be knowledge and skill transfer from these companies to the Australian workforce making Australian labor more compliant.


The scheme no doubt has huge benefits. And counties like the US and UK already have adopted it. That means it has proven to benefit both employers and the hosting nation. The CEDA is very clear that there would be some criteria and the foreign staff will have to be able to meet the requirements.
The new policy is yet to be introduced but going with the wind it could soon be a reality.

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