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Improved Skilled Migration Policy for Australia

Improved Skilled Migration Policy for Australia

Australia is doing certain changes to make Improved Skilled Migration Policy for the country. Skilled migration is a great way for individuals having certain skills and experience to make it into Australia. They can live and work in Australia. The Australian Home Affairs department is responsible for administering skilled migration visas. Recently they made some changes in the skilled migration policy that is going to have a positive effect on the individuals seeking to migrate to Australia on the back of the skill they possess.

According to the recent change, applicants can now apply for a visa under the general skilled migration category. They need to go through a skill assessment for their nominated occupation within 60 days from the date they receive the invitation to apply for the visa.

The old requirement was such that a person can not apply for a visa if the skill assessment validity expired before the visa invitation. Limiting their hopes and chances to make it into Australia. The new update brings new hope for the migrant workers. They can now apply for a visa even if their skill assessment validity expired before they received their visa invitation. All they need is to get a new skill assessment within 60 days of a visa invitation.

Who needs a skill assessment?

Applicants at the time of applying need to nominate an occupation from the relevant skilled occupation list. The applicants also need to give proof of their relevant skill assessment at the time of applying. Under the new change those who have an expired skill assessment proof go through a fresh assessment to apply for a visa post their invitation.

Applicants for the following points-tested GSM visas must have a suitable skills assessment for their nominated occupation:

  • Skilled Independent visa subclass Nominated visa
  • Skilled Regional (provisional) visa
  • Skilled Work Regional (provisional) visa
Getting a skills assessment.

The applicants need to contact the relevant assisting authority for the occupation they nominated. The government’s department associated with processing the skill assessment, suggests the applicants check thoroughly which skill-assessing authority is best suited according to the applicant’s profile. The applicants should have their skill assessment finished before applying for the visa.


The decision has been widely welcomed. Migration agents have been appreciative of the recent changes. With some saying it is “great news”. The changes were made to increase the skilled migrant influx to the county. The changes to the skill assessment would attract more skilled migrants to Australia. Australia has always been open for the rest of the world to come and contribute to them. The recent changes indicate their commitment to retaining skilled talent for better economic growth in the country.

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