Australia’s High Passport Fees: An Overview

Australia's Passport Fees
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A passport is an essential document for citizens who travel abroad. Obtaining a passport can vary from country to country. In some countries passports are expensive.  Australia’s Passport Fees have been on the rise for the last couple of years. The expensive nature has to do with the stature these passports provide to the beholder. These passports are so strong that the beholder does not need a visa to travel to a very significant number of countries. Australia is one of the countries which has an expensive yet powerful passport. In this article, we will discuss why Australia’s passport fees have increased, its historical background, and its impact.

Overview of the Australian passport.

The Australian passport is one of the world’s most powerful passports. Recently it was ranked joint eighth in the recent ranking by Henley Passport Index. The Australian passport allows the holders to travel to 185 countries around the world without a visa.

The cost of holding an Australian passport will increase in the year 2023. This year the powerful passport would cost $325 for ten years against the $308 in 2022. The price increase has been significant in the last few years. It cost $301 in 2021.

Historical background.

The Australian passport was not always expensive. Before 2007 passport prices were significantly lower than today’s prices. The passport fee saw a steep rise in prices post-2007 as major changes were made in the passport to enhance its security and make it more powerful around the world. The Australian government introduced a biometric passport post-2007 which had the beholder’s biometric information stored in a microchip embedded in the passport. Back then the technology of biometrics was new and costly which justifies the rise in prices.

Since then the Australian government has been constantly reviewing and introducing new security measures in its passports. The expensive identity of the Australian passport is rightly often attributed to its security.

Reason Behind the Increase.

The new passport with advanced security required new materials with the proficiency to meet the requirement. These unique materials are expensive hence a higher passport cost.

The second reason is passport processing. The introduction of new and advanced features requires a more skilled workforce. Increasing the passport price.

Finally, the security measures taken in the passport are advanced and capable of protecting the beholder from identity theft. These features keep the passport ahead and free of potential fraudsters and scammers adding to high passport prices.


The increased passport prices will affect frequent flyers. The cost to obtain or renew an Australian passport is now going to have a significant effect on the flyer’s pocket. Such families who have family members who fly more often will certainly have an impact on their expenses.

The increase is also going to have some impact on the business. Some businesses require employees to travel abroad. It may also affect tourism. The high passport fee may deter potential visitors from obtaining an Australian passport.


The cost of obtaining or renewing an Australian passport has increased. The main reasons behind this are the cost of materials, processing, and security measures. But in return, the beholders are assured of their identity be protected and they hold a powerful passport.

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