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NZ’S Hospitality Sector Seeks Migrant Talent

NZ'S hospitality sector
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NZ’s Hospitality Sector Seeks Migrant Talent. Terrestrial heaven New Zealand is hiring 30000 workers to fill the hospitality sector. New Zealand needs no introduction. The country is considered one of the most beautiful places across the globe, known for its scenic landscape, clean environment, and astonishing beauty. But there is more to just beauty in New Zealand. Remember, New Zealanders are very well known for their friendly and welcoming nature, keeping their homeland at the top of the preference list of tourists as they feel at home in New Zealand. And for this reason, the tourism and hospitality sector is one of the biggest employers across the nation.

The unfortunate COVID-19 outbreak disrupted many industries including tourism and hospitality. New Zealand highly depends on migrant workers, especially in the hospitality sector. With the pandemic, the migrant workers returned creating a big void in the industry. The closure of international borders for a long time caused a shortage of workers in the country. And as it stands New Zealand’s staffing shortage is hitting employers hard this summer.

As New Zealand opens its international borders gradually, there would be a large influx of tourists from across the world. The employers are afraid they would not be able to serve the customer as per their anticipation and could face a hard time generating revenue due to staffing shortages in the hospitality industry.

The New Zealand government is very well aware of the condition and they are eager to deal with it. To boost NZ’S hospitality sector the government is working along with the NZ immigration department to address the industry shortage and has gone softer and worker-friendly by embracing several measures like better wage schemes, and skill visas to make employers directly hire the required talent. The best thing is that the government is offering a visa scheme under which employers can nominate the employee for residency after two years of work.

Wait….A residency in heaven on earth? I mean what are you waiting for?

The biggest motivation of the New Zealand hospitality industry is the revised wage plan. Your services would now command a higher payment than before.  This is going to be beneficial for most migrant workers. The new median wage will pay the workers more than the previous per-hour salary.

The new median wage will become NZD 29.7 per hour from NZD 25. It will come into effect on 27 February 2023. There would be a direct implementation of this revised scheme in most industries. The exception to this will be in the tourism and hospitality industries where the staggered increase will occur at a later date. The first increment would be in effect in April 2023. In April 2023 the median wage for these two industries would increase from NZD 25 to NZD 28.18 per hour. There would be a further increase in the following year. As of April 2024, the hourly rate will be raised once more to NZD 29.66

Overall, New Zealand is a great place to be. If you want to make a career in the hospitality sector then this is your chance. Get on your feet, the heaven is calling.

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