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Saskatchewan Prosperous Pathways: Understanding the SINP and Your Immigration Options


Saskatchewan, Canada’s heartland of agriculture and industry, extends a warm welcome to potential immigrants through the renowned Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP). Established in 1998, the SINP strategizes to bridge economic and labor market gaps by championing immigration. The facts speak volumes—seven out of every ten new Saskatchewan residents immigrate via SINP, a testament to its triumphant framework.

Economic Stronghold:

Known as Canada’s Breadbasket, Saskatchewan exhibits enviable employment statistics with a 73% employment rate complemented by an impressive 85% retention rate for newcomers. This reflects the province’s solid foundation for sustainable living and career advancement for immigrants from diverse backgrounds.

Immigration Gateway: An Overview of SINP

The SINP outlines four primary routes for aspirants desiring to start anew in Saskatchewan:

  1. International Skilled Worker Category – Tailored for proficient workers globally who wish to contribute to Saskatchewan’s economic tapestry.
  2. Saskatchewan Experience Category – For those who have garnered relevant experience within Saskatchewan and aim to root their futures here.
  3. Entrepreneur and Farm Category – Crafted for visionary entrepreneurs and farmers ready to invest in Saskatchewan’s robust economy.
  4. International Graduate Entrepreneur Category – A launchpad for graduates from Saskatchewan institutions intending to commence their entrepreneurial journey.

Embarking on Your Immigration Journey:

To initiate your immigration process under the SINP, discerning your eligibility across the mentioned categories is pivotal. Persistence intersects with procedure as you explore your dedicated application process.

Submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI) might surface as a preliminary step for certain applicants. Upon submission, the components of your EOI are evaluated, culminating in a score via the Saskatchewan PNP points calculator. High-scoring candidates align closer to obtaining an invitation to apply under SINP during its bi-weekly draws.

Saskatchewan PNP Draws: A Bi-Weekly Synopsis

SINP follows a bi-weekly minimum routine for selection draws without prior publishing of schedules. Maintaining closeness with official channels is recommended for the latest updates.

Latest SINP Draw:

On March 7, 2024, the recent SINP draw invited 35 candidates, setting 89 CRS points as the eligibility threshold.

  • Date of EOI Draw: March 7, 2024
  • Number of ITAs Issued: 35
  • Minimum Points Required: 89

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