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Sponsor Refugees: Build New Lives in Canada

Not everyone has the privilege to say home sweet home. While some can’t afford some are forced to leave. Every year, around the world refugees, are forced to flee their homes mainly because of war, persecution, or violence. You can sponsor refugees and contribute towards giving them a good future. Canada has a long history of welcoming refugees. Recently the Canadian government approved express-way programmers to fast-track the immigration process and you can learn more about express entry here

The people of Canada follow suit of their nation. Many people or organizations are working to find shelter for these refugees.

The government has many programs to resettle refugees. The government-Assisted refugee(GAR) program and the Blended visa office referred(BVOR)program.

Alongside these programs, Canadian citizens and permanent residents can also help refugees to start a new life in Canada through private sponsorship of refugee programs.

What is PSR?

The Private Sponsorship of Refugees (PSR) program allows Canadians to resettle specific individuals or families who qualify as refugees under Canada’s refugee and humanitarian program. Privately sponsored refugees are additional to those resettled by the Canadian government through other programs.

Who may submit a private sponsorship?

The following groups may submit a private sponsorship:

  • Sponsorship Agreement Holders (SAHs): Incorporated organizations that have signed a formal sponsorship agreement with IRCC. Most of them are religious organizations, ethnocultural groups, or humanitarian organizations.
  • Constituent Groups (CGs): A SAH can authorize CGs to sponsor under its agreement and provide support to the refugees. Each SAH sets its criteria for recognizing CGs.
  • Groups of Five (G5): Five or more Canadian citizens or permanent residents, who are at least 18 years of age, live in the expected community of settlement, and have collectively arranged for the sponsorship of a refugee living abroad. These individuals act as guarantors that the necessary support will be provided for the full duration of the sponsorship.

These groups help the refugees in getting settled in Canada. They provide the refugees with the material and financial support necessary for the sponsorship duration which is usually one year.

Who is eligible for sponsorship under the Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program?

To be eligible for sponsorship, a refugee applicant must:

  • be outside Canada, and
  • meet the definition of one of the refugee classes of Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.
  • Two classes of refugees are eligible under the program:

You can contribute to this noble cause by participating in the private sponsorship of refugees (PSR) program. Since 1979, when it came into effect, it has helped more than three lacs refugees to get Canadian citizenship and start a new life.

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