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Ukrainian Refugee Support and Immigration: Alberta’s Call For More Control


In a bid to address job shortages, boost the economy, and assist Ukrainian refugees fleeing violence, Alberta Premier Danielle Smith has urged the Canadian government to take immediate action. Smith has called for an increase in the number of provincial nominee program allotments for Alberta and an additional allocation specifically for Ukrainian evacuees. This move comes as Alberta aims for long-term stability and economic growth, while providing a safe haven for those affected by the Russian invasion.

Increasing Provincial Nominee Program Allotments

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith has emphasized the pressing need for federal immigration limits to be reassessed. She proposes an immediate doubling of the provincial nominee program allotments for Alberta, raising the figure from 9,750 to 20,000. By doing so, Alberta aims to bridge the gap between available jobs and a capable workforce, ultimately bolstering the provincial and national economies.

Supporting Ukrainian Refugees

Highlighting the urgency of the situation, Premier Smith argues that the Russian invasion has resulted in an influx of Ukrainian refugees seeking safety and stability in Alberta. With approximately 57,000 refugees already having arrived, Alberta stands ready to provide sanctuary and economic opportunities to those affected. To accomplish this, Smith urges the federal government to add an extra 10,000 allotments specifically for Ukrainian evacuees.

Challenging Federal Interference

Premier Smith expresses concerns about federal interference, emphasizing the desire for increased autonomy in managing immigration policies. By granting Alberta the ability to increase permanent residency opportunities, the federal government can empower the province to address its labor shortage and provide an invaluable humanitarian service during this difficult time.


As Alberta faces economic challenges, job shortages, and an influx of Ukrainian refugees, Premier Danielle Smith’s call for increased control over immigration and support for Ukrainian evacuees seeks to find comprehensive and compassionate solutions. By extending the provincial nominee program allotments and offering additional opportunities specifically for Ukrainian refugees, Alberta aims to create long-term stability while providing sanctuary for those affected by the Russian invasion. It is imperative for the federal government to take these concerns into account and work collaboratively with Alberta to uphold both humanitarian and economic values.

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