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NZ’S Working Holiday Scheme Changes

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The New Zealand Minister of Immigration has announced changes to the Spain Working Holiday Scheme (WHS). The changes would apply to those who currently hold a Working Holiday Scheme visa in New Zealand. The changes would come to effect in April of 2023. From the 13th of April, the Spain WHS annual quota will apply to  2,000 places increasing from 200. Furthermore, those who hold the Spain WHS visa can now work for the full 12 months of their visa without any restrictions. The previous rules prohibited them from working longer than six months and from staying with the same employer for more than three months. 

Also in addition to the extension in reach, there will be a 6-month extension for WHS visa holders who are currently in New Zealand. Alongside those who are already in New Zealand, there will also be an extension of visa for those people whose visa expires between the 4th of April and the 30th of September. 

Reason for Extension.

New Zealand is a very popular country across the globe. The stunning country is vastly dependent on the migrant workforce to meet up its very busy workflow. The nation’s economy is vastly run by migrant talents. Because of the covid restrictions, the inflow of migrants was put on hold and so was the country’s Working. The Kiwi country is still recovering from the covid onslaught.  The biggest problem the nation is facing right now is the work shortage. The nation has taken these initiatives to fulfill the work shortage and put the country’s economy back on track.

This special exemption will help industries that traditionally employed open-work visa holders, such as tourism and hospitality. Those who are eligible for the extension will also have any work restrictions lifted, meaning that they can work for any employer for the remainder of their visa duration.


These are very significant changes for people who are looking to come to New Zealand via a Spain WHS visa. It is also beneficial for those who are already in New Zealand on a WHS visa. Now, With the increase in the annual quota, the Spanish people will have more opportunities. Now more Spanish people can work in New Zealand and explore this beautiful country. Especially the younger population will be exposed to a wider spectrum of opportunities. Also, it will provide the affected industries with the very important boost that they require to get running.  Overall, these changes show the commitment of the New Zealand government to support young people who want to come and work in the country while also helping to address the labor shortage in certain industries.

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