Australia to increase Permanent Migration Intake

Australian migration
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Australia is a popular choice across the globe both for tourism and work immigration. Australian migration is a popular term that keeps its relevancy throughout the year. This time again it’s in trend for a good reason. Australia has decided to increase its permanent migration intake. The Kangaroo Nation offers a high standard of living, high wages, and a multicultural society. Australians are friendly and extremely social people, making it comfortable for newcomers to settle in Australia. But in recent years Australian immigration has received tough competition from other countries like Canada, Germany, and Britain. In recent times most people having a bright head on their shoulders have preferred Canada, Germany, or Britain over Australia because of more simple and more friendly immigration policies that the other countries have to offer. The Australian immigration minister said that the reason behind the plight is Australia’s “fiendishly complex” immigration program. We may agree with what she said as Australia offers more than 70 visa programs making it more confusing for the applicant to choose a visa. Although the higher number of visa programs intend to provide diversity to applicants. But it seems to work the other way. 

The good news is that Australia is aware of the issue. The Kangaroo nation is taking all the measures to reshape its immigration system to attract more migrant talents. For the same reason, the Australian government has decided to increase Australian immigration intake by 35000. 

The Australian immigration intake will be increased to 195,000 from 160,000. The Australian government is determined to not only attract a talented workforce but fill the labor shortage also. 


The decision has received huge appreciation across the nation. The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI), a leading business organization in Australia, has applauded the Australian government for the decision. The ACCI believes that an increase in Australian immigration will address the workforce shortage and boost the Australian economy. The ACCI has called for a two-year lift to the cap up to 200,000 places. In simple words, ACCI would like to see Australian migration increase up to 200,000 per year for two years. 

However, there are some concerns about the increase in Australian immigration. There will be a high number of visa applications leading to a backlog of applications. The Australian immigration minister was However found to have said that a committee will be formed to look after the possible issues. The government is planning to put  the visa processing system on a turbocharge to make this initiative a success

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