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Canada Student Visa – Step by Step Guide

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A study permit must be requested from your country of residence before traveling and studying in Canada. An application for a study permit can be made from within Canada as well. In some circumstances, such an application can be made at the port of entry once you have reached Canada. Kindly ensure that you are informed of the path you need to pursue the application.


Read the fundamental information below for step-by-step guidance to acquiring a student visa for Canada from the IntraSource experts:


Step 1: Application for Admission to a Canadian Institution

A designated learning institution (DLI)’s acceptance letter is mandatory in order to apply for a study visa. A DLI is a university or a college that has been granted permission to accept international students by a provincial or territorial body. 

Canada recognizes all primary and high schools as educational institutions. This list does not contain them; ensure that the post-secondary institution you intend to attend is on this list.

Then complete your application to the school of your preference. When filing for confirmation, you must submit a few supporting papers, including verification of previous academic achievements, a copy of your visa (if applicable), and proof of English language proficiency.


Step 2: Fees payment

Following your acceptance of the educational institution’s offer, you must pay the tuition fees as specified in the offer letter on or before the due date. It can be transferred via an international wire transfer as an alternative. The institutions will provide an official fee receipt or Letter of Acceptance once the institution has received and processed your tuition fee payment. If you fail to submit this receipt, your application for a student visa to Canada risks being delayed or denied.


Step 3: Obtain GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate)

International students must acquire a Special Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) for the sum of CAD 10,200 from one of the participating banks, such as ICICI Bank, SBI, Canada Bank, or CIBC Bank, to adjust their living expenses for the first year. The bank’s regulatory fees will be approximately CAD 200; it varies from bank to bank. Immediately upon arrival in Canada, the student receives CAD 2000. The remaining money will be given to the students in 12 equal payments to cover their monthly living expenses.


Step 4: Medical Examination

Students are now required to have a medical exam by a doctor who has been approved by the Canadian government. You can Visit here – for a list of the licensed doctors on the panel. When you apply for a visa, you must submit a medical, for which you will be given a Tracking Sheet. The High Commission will automatically receive the medical report from the doctor.


Step 5: Visa Lodgment

All student visa applicants must have the necessary documentation on hand in order to submit the visa application to the relevant authorities. The list of documents required varies from profile to profile. Please click on this link to learn more: and to get the list of necessary documents as per your profile.


Step 6: Biometric Collection Appointment

Applicants from most countries are required to provide their biometric information to process their visa applications. As a part of the process, you will need to obtain an appointment to provide your biometric information to authorities. 

Appointments should be made with VFS Global or any other approved organization in your country.

Step 7: Results

If the application is approved, the applicant will be given a study permit at the point of entry or via mail. Otherwise, the authorities will respond with a reason for their refusal. 


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