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Canada Doubles Family Reunification Program

Canada Doubles Family Reunification Program. Canada is known for its welcoming nature toward immigrants. And the warm welcoming nation has taken another massive step in favor of its immigrants. Canada has doubled the number of immigrants under the Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP). This move is a big relief to the immigrants living in Canada waiting to reunite with their parents. In this article we will be looking into the details of PGP, the reason behind this move, and what it means for the immigrant.

What is the parents and grandparents program?

The PGP is one of many Canadian immigration programs that focuses on the betterment of Canadian immigrants.
The PGP allows Canadian citizens and permanent residents to sponsor their parents and grandparents for permanent residency in Canada. The program intends to reunite families separated due to immigration and promote family reunification.

Applicants sponsoring under the PGP will have to be responsible for providing for the needs of their parents and grandparents, whoever they sponsor.
The sponsor is obliged to provide financial support to the sponsored family member for up to 20 years starting from the date they get their permanent residency. They need to repay the financial assistance provided by the government during the process under PGP.

They are also obliged to fulfill the basic requirements of the family members sponsored.

  • food
  • clothing
  • utilities
  • personal requirements
  • shelter
  • fuel
  • household supplies, and
  • healthcare not covered by public health insurance, such as eye and dental care.

The point to remember is that one can only be eligible to sponsor a family member if he or she is free from any criminal activity and is financially stable and self-reliant. A person receiving financial assistance from that government other than disability stands disqualified for sponsoring a family member.

Why did Canada double the number of immigrants under PGP?

Canada relies heavily on immigrant labor. it recently approved the Express entry program to fast track Permanent residency applications know more here

In a bid to attract a skilled and qualified workforce, Canada has started to fuel PGP. Family is the ultimate driving force for any person. Knowing that it will be easier than in other places to immigrate to Canada and reunite with family would attract more immigrants. The family reunification program provides more opportunities for the skilled workforce to contribute to the Canadian economy.

With Canada doubling the migration number the wait time for processing the application of the applicants seeking residency under PGP is expected to reduce. The family reunion will make the immigrants more obliged to the nation giving a higher output and boosting the Canadian economy.


Immigrating to a new country could be challenging. You may face many hardships sitting in a new place. Knowing that you can soon be able to live with your family the ultimate source of one’s energy and motivation, will ease things for immigrants. This move is no doubt a blockbuster move. And it is going to only benefits both the nation and its nationals.


  • Is PGP the same as a spouse or common-law partner in Canada?
    No, PGP allows Canadian citizens to sponsor parents or grandparents while the latter allows them to sponsor spouses.
  • Can I apply for a PGP if I am not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident?
  • What are the financial requirements for the PGP application?
    Yes, there are certain financial requirements. you should go through the brochure released by the concerned organization at least once.


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