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New Zealand Allows Offshore Partner Work Visa

New Zealand Allows Offshore
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New Zealand Allows Offshore Partner Work Visa. New Zealand is a great place to settle in. It has been a popular attraction for skilled talents for decades. The stunning beauty of the country makes it a favored choice for people looking to migrate and settle in a new country. But moving to a new country is not as easy as it seems. It is often difficult for migrants to move with their partners to the working country. There could be several reasons for that: either they can not get the visa or even if they get the visa it becomes difficult to manage the expenses.

New Zealand has finally decided to step up and look into the matter.  New Zealand Allows Offshore visas for partners of working people who can now apply for a work visa and work alongside their partners. This will no doubt help the couple share expenses and live a more comfortable life. The old clause did not allow the partners to get a work visa. Meaning they were allowed to migrate to New Zealand with their partners but they were not allowed to work in New Zealand. This will change now for good.

What is a Partner of a Worker work visa?

The partner of a worker work visa allows partners of skilled workers to live and work in New Zealand. Previously a proposal by the government stated that partners of the workers will be allowed to enter New Zealand only on a visitor visa unless the applicant was the partner of a Green List visa holder. According to the previous clause, they were not allowed to work in New Zealand. However, if they were able to get an Accredited Employer Work Visa on their own, they would be working in New Zealand.

But now, the applicant can apply for a work visa and live and work in New Zealand.  They do not require their partner to hold a green list visa.


The applicant needs to meet the following criteria to be eligible to get a work visa.

  • They work for only employers who are accredited
  • Only work in positions paid a medium wage of NZ$29.66 (unless they are in a role covered by an uncapped sector agreement that allows limited exceptions to median wage requirements)
The reason behind the change.

New Zealand relies laboriously on a migrant workforce. Post covid the country is struggling to return to track. The country is going through a labor shortage. This change will increase skilled workflow in the country. And more people will now consider moving to New Zealand as their partners can now work too.


Partners of the workers who want to work can now apply for a work visa from outside the country. This change will make it easier for partners to plan their move to New Zealand and begin their job search before arriving in the country.

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