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The Australian Citizenship Test: A Guide

The Australian Citizenship Test
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Gaining permanent residence or citizenship in a country can be hectic. It is a multi-step process that requires effort and time. Add precision to it if you want to end up on the victorious side. Each step, whether small or big, becomes essential for a successful application. Very often people focus more on the often talked about factors and tend to ignore small factors. And these people often drift around wondering what went wrong with their application. One of the most important factors is a small test comprising only 20 questions with tremendous value. Go through the article to know more about the test.

Here we will be discussing the Australian citizenship test that is mandatory to get Australian citizenship. It was introduced in 2007.

The test aimed to check the applicant’s satisfactory knowledge of Australia, the responsibilities of an Australian citizen, and its privileges. The test also included knowledge of the English language. The format of the test was revised in 2009.

The test was revised again in 2020 bringing some major changes in the format and questions configuration. The new test replaced the decade-old test introduced in 2007. The new test intends to assess the knowledge of Australian values alongside the above-mentioned factors.

What is the Australian citizenship test?

The Australian citizenship test is a mandatory exam for all applicants applying for citizenship in Australia. The test is aimed to check the basic understanding of the applicants as to what it means to become an Australian citizen. Alongside the responsibilities and privileges of being an Australian citizen, the new test focuses particularly on Australian values. The test intends to check the basic knowledge of the applicant about Australian values before they make the foremost commitment to the nation.

The new test will have 5 questions dedicated to Australian values. The new test puts more emphasis on testing the knowledge of Australian values such as freedom of speech, equality of gender, and commitment to abide by the law.

It increases focus on the English language. It is aimed to focus on the different language skills including reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Passing requirements.

The test will have 20 questions on the test with 5 questions dedicated to Australian values. The appearing candidate must answer all five questions correctly to pass the test. Any wrong answer in this section would be a failure for the candidate.

The candidate must score at least 75 percent marks to pass the exam. The total time allotted for the test is 45 minutes.

How to prepare for the Test.

Preparing for the test requires dedication and commitment. The Australian government has specified a booklet titled “Australian citizenship: our common bond” as the latest revised resource for the citizenship test. The applicants will be tested on this booklet, and no questions beyond it will be asked.

You may take an online test to ace your preparation. Many sites offer mock tests based on the pattern of the actual test to prepare for the actual test. You can also take citizenship classes to boost your chances.


The new citizenship test is essential to get Australian citizenship. It is essential to prepare adequately for the test for a successful outcome. The test is not that hard to pass, with a proper approach and dedication, you can prevail in the test.

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